Radiofrequency Slimming
In this slimming treatment, slimming effects are obtained for you through what is known as a “deep heat effect”. Fat cell masses are dissolved by the contraction of tissue fibrosis during relaxation. Cellulite is reduced through the removal of waste by urine or sweat. This is the result of the high degree of electromagnetic waves deeply penetrating into your skin, burning out the fatty tissues.
Fat Freeze

COOLSHAPINGoffers the most advanced body slimming solution by the integrated technology of the cryo and vacuum technologies.
The system makes to improve accuracy fat and cellulite treatment and provides 2 types of specialized application to complete effective procedure.



Coolshaping delivers cryo-energy during the treatment with vacuum and LED technologies which enhance the treatment effects. The system is specially designed for protecting the skin surface and the cryo-energy only crystallizes to the fat cells without damage to other tissues.


Works to

Fat reduction
Cellulite improvement
Body reshaping
Skin tightening
Thermal Blanket Treatment
In this treatment, you will be wrapped in a thermal blanket. Infrared rays are given out targeting the specialized points of your body, burning the fat cell masses to achieve a slimming and detoxification effect.