Glycolic Acid together with botanical extracts increases cell division thus increasing cellular renewed and the exfoliation process improves self-repair ability, leaving firm and lumininous skin.







Rejuvenating Ampoules
Assist the removal of dead skin cells, stimulate the grow of cell membrane.

Rejuvenating Essence
Inhibit the production of tyrosine, prevent the formation of pigmentation, supplement Vitamin C. Lecithin lipid strengthen the self-reproduction of DNA in cell nucleus during the treatment.

Rejuvenating Treatment is recommended for

Skin problems due to the thickness of horny layer:


  • Uneven skin tone, pigmentation, freckles, coarse
  • Oily clogged, open pores, acne
  • Aging of skin and deterioration of elasticity







Active Ingredients from Natural Plant Extracts

Citrus Grandis, Morus Nigra, Oak Root
Protein, Vitamin E, Fatty Acid, Water Molecule


Tannic Acid, Citrus Limonium, Glycolic Acid
Strengthen Lactic Acid, Enzyme and
Vitamin C

Glycerin, Castor Oil
Triglyceride, Fatty Acid, Protein

Ingredients and Effects

Nourish Skin
Fatty Acid
Anti bacterial ability
Lactic Acid
Helps balance acid and soften dead cell
Protein, Vitamin E
Use the connective tissue to regulate metabolism
Enzyme (Protein Catalyst)