We know that physical appearance is an important building block of your confidence. Yes, we know it is not everything. But we recognise its importance, for it rings very true for every one of us here at Beauty Base. We recall the moments when we first had healthy, beautiful skin, when we finally broke free from the irritating voice of self-consciousness. We understand the moments when you really loved a body-hugging dress, only to realise that you can’t fit into it without lumps of bulging fat being revealed.


Because we have been there, we give only the best to you, always making sure that what we provide to you is the best out there. On your precious and only face, we use botanical products flown in from Italy which our customers (of which many of whom are now close friends) have been using for over 16 years with us, complemented with cutting-edge equipment made using the newest technologies from beauty industry leaders from around the globe like the US, UK and South Korea.


We hear your voices about the dread of hard sales you feel whenever you contemplate about stepping into a beauty salon. And that’s why we chose to have a policy of refraining from pressurizing and incessant pushy sales pitches. We know that when you are satisfied with whatever we have to offer you and relate with the values we hold, you would be a regular in our community. That’s how we build our business sustainably for the future – to build your dream beauty salon.