Focus on diminishing fine lines, puffiness and dark circles in the delicate eye area. Using Eye Contour Ampoules to reduce eye puffiness, rids oil seeds, hydrates, minimize dark circles and improves circulation giving your eye area a relaxed and rested appearance.
Nerve fibers around eye area and density of vascular gland, causes lymphatic circulation to slow-down. Leading to accumulation of eye secretion, causing various eye area problems

  • Urge on dis-colouration and up-lift pressure of eye area.
    Skin around the eye area, easily prove to winkles, as it lacks moisture & sebaceous glands. Therefore, it’s important to lock-in moisture around the eye area.

  • Uses phlegmatic texture in plants, forming a ‘hydro-locking’ membrane enhancing long term hydration.
    Skin around eye contour is thinner due to its less fat storage capacity. Some visible action and expression, fatigues and slow metabolism will cause the eye area become dry and wrinkled.

  • Maintain the activation of cytokines, a total eye contour moisturiser to prevent eye contours from dry and age, firm up and lighten the wrinkles.
    We blink at least 10,000 times a day, making the eye area the most exercised part of the face. Inefficacy in absorption due to fatigue, excessive nutrients on the apposite,will result to burden.

  • Gentle yet active ingredients, injects and activates into core of cells, easy complementary of skin care products.