PowerLymph series evoke the sensation of your veins and muscles being massaged with gentle fingers. This soft action causes temperature in the subcutaneous tissues to rise, blood vessels to be enlarged and promotes healthy blood circulation. Thus, it helps to activate your metabolism and discharge harmful wastes from body.


The massaging intensity and speed are attuned to the rhythm of blood circulation, as designed by meticulous research and careful experimentation.


PowerLymph Pro promotes the circulation of blood and lymph in the arms and legs, and increases the pressure of the muscular tissue by the continuous repetitive ncontractions of the 4-step gradual air pressure chambers, thus addressing edema and pain in the arms and legs.


Wear the boots –cuffs and operate the machine, and it starts massaging your feet – calves – knees – thighs
by the swelling of the air pressure as shown in the picture, and gives pressure to the vein, thus promoting the circulation
Legs are the 2nd heart of our body




- Indications Lymphedema
- Limb paralysis (Cerebral infarction)
- Limb convulsion (Pain clinic)
- Pregnant women’s limb management
- Chronic disease by the venous cause
- Fat dissolution
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Improvement of intestines, dissolution constipation
- Numb feet and hands
- Interruption in blood circulation
- Effect of exercise
- DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis/PE Pulmonary Embolism)
- Varicocele therapy and prevention